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Erotic short stories: I reacted to my husband’s infidelity by starting a rivalry with his lover.

My husband’s lover paradoxically awakened a woman in me that I had no idea was hiding inside me. Sometimes infidelity really can save your marriage.

Mária (30) had known about her husband Milan’s infidelity for a long time. “A man can try to cover his tracks as much as he can, but a woman will always sense such things. Who knows, maybe we really have a sixth sense for the infidelity of our partners”, he states. Although most women who find out that their partner is cheating on them directly confront him, Mária was the opposite case. She always belonged to women who were pragmatic rather than emotional. Or better said, she was able to keep her cool even in tense situations. Discovering her husband’s infidelity was definitely one of them. Her reaction was also more pragmatic, but perhaps incomprehensible to many women…

“I knew two things… That divorce was out of the question, and that if I didn’t want to lose him, I’d have to take his lover out of the game. So I decided to play with the same weapons as my girlfriend. She went to the most exclusive underwear store in town, cooked an incredibly delicious dinner, armed herself with courage and an erotic mood, which I tried to bring into the whole house. When my husband came home, he was surprised, but I also saw a kind of curiosity in his eyes. That strengthened me in my decision”, Mária surprises with her tactics and courage.

After they had dinner together by candlelight, she led her husband to the bathroom, where a hot bath and massage awaited him. Then she made him lie on the bed and tied his hands and feet. “I put on some erotic music and started dancing, gradually shedding everything until I was left with only high heels. It was a strange feeling since it was the first time I had done something like this, but Milan’s instant erection only confirmed that it was going in the right direction. Then I covered his eyes and worked my way from his face to his manhood. I have to admit that I enjoyed it too”, she confides further.

After some time, which Mária tried to fill with various erotic games, she discovered that he still did not give up on his lover. So she decided on a rather radical step. “I said to myself, better with a trio than without him. So I admitted to him that I knew about her and that I wanted us to share it in a threesome. You should have seen his face. But when he decided that I was serious, we met at our house the next evening. I wasn’t even nervous. When it came down to it, I was in a trance. I found that I just enjoy it like no sex before. Since then, these meetings of ours have been repeated quite often. Well, my husband and I are doing great without her. I even found out that apart from our three, their two no longer exists. Although I had to chew on something, I didn’t lose my husband, and to top it all off, I enriched our sex life. It was worth it”, Mária concludes her truly unusual story.

Thanks to one interesting experience from last year’s vacation, I want to do something crazy this summer…

Sabina was never one of those women who would seek out sexual adventures. However, as they say, never say never until you experience it!

He left me alone in Mexico

The experiences of our reader Sabina (29) predestined her to become a wife, quickly give birth to children and lead a classic married life alongside one partner, her husband. However, she did not expect that fate decided to weave into her life someone who would really spice it up for her. On last year’s vacation with her still current boyfriend, Mário, she experienced something that she did not expect at all. “That vacation was supposed to be our dream come true, Mexico. I was very much looking forward to spending two beautiful, exotic weeks there, full of surprises, but especially together. Mario was already busy with work when we started dating a few years ago. But over time, he became a workaholic. He promised me this holiday. Imagine my surprise when he told me in the middle of it in that paradise that he had to leave because of unexpected complications in the company.” Although Sabina asked him not to leave, and even cried like a small child, it didn’t help, work came first again.

A replacement program she wouldn’t have expected

At one point, she wanted to pack up and go home on the nearest possible flight. But then something broke in her and she told herself that this was her dream after all and she wasn’t going to let her vacation be ruined. So instead of packing, she threw herself on seductively and decided to go to an evening hotel party. Although she only planned to drink away her disappointment with Mario, but in her best dress, which the devil didn’t want, she had no shortage of men that evening. But one impressed her more than the others, a typical female heartbreaker from a typical Mexican telenovela. “When I saw that man, I got an irresistible urge to find out what it would be like with him. I always thought of myself as one of those faithful women, one for life and things like that, but you never know until you get the chance. Lured by the alcohol, the atmosphere, I fell into it without much resistance. Well, it wasn’t just a one-off, but we spent every single day and night together until the end of my vacation. I don’t know why, but I felt that we were both somehow sorry, but we just quietly said goodbye, made love for the last time and I flew home to reality,” reveals Sabina.

Somehow it was impossible to forget

“If you expected that I had any remorse at home with Mario, then in vain. He pretended to be nothing, as if everything was forgotten, and nothing had happened. Somehow I didn’t feel sorry for it. I don’t know why, but we continued in that relationship despite everything. Although a lot of time has passed, I keep going back to that one week in my memories, which I didn’t even tell my best friend about,” she continues. As it happens in life, there is only one surprise. One such thing awaited her in the mail on the social network, which read: “I can’t forget you, I want to be with you again.” Go back to Mexico…” Along with that, there were other things that impressed Sabina so much that today, almost a year later, she is thinking of buying a ticket to Mexico indefinitely. “Whether I recapitulate my life from any angle, the idea of packing up and trying it appeals to me more and more. Even if it doesn’t work out, I can’t even live with Mario anymore in a relationship that doesn’t give me anything,” concludes Sabina, hoping that something better awaits her, whatever she decides.

Erotic short stories: I denied my man sex for a long time, I was surprised by how it culminated

In the ordinary life of two people, a situation occurs that when a woman rejects a man in bed, she finds another. However, the case of our reader Kristina (30) was different, because…

It’s natural that it won’t be so hot over time, but…

“I know that I shouldn’t be surprised that married life, especially with children, slips into a kind of stereotype over time. After all, even every more experienced married couple around me prepared me for it. It is said that it is natural that it will not be so hot and spontaneous with children and other obligations. But even so, I couldn’t get rid of the thought that if my man would overcome himself a little, we could still experience this here and there,” our reader begins her story.

The same scenario over and over

Kristina’s problem was that, it seemed to her, that her husband Marko had become quite lazy in this area: “The same bed scenario over and over again, the same place – our bed, the same strokes, no foreplay, quickly turn him on, if I’m in I was excited at that moment, somehow it didn’t bother him. The same positions over and over again, because Marko preferred it from behind, which I often had trouble doing in this position. Well, I simply thought that instead of the two of us doing it, only Marko did a good job of himself quickly, and I was the fifth wheel in the wagon”, describes Kristína’s feelings at the time.

Denying sex, solving the problem?

So she decided to deny him sex for a while. She knew that this was a rather radical solution, but she also knew that he would take it as a blow to the waist to bring up the subject. “I thought I’d try to make him spontaneous again, more inventive in sex than when we were still single and childless. Although it would seem to some of you that I risked losing him if he started looking for what he doesn’t have at home in another bed, I subconsciously knew that my husband loved me and he just needed a little push, after all, how almost every man, if we want to get what we want, right? :)”

So Kristína quite subtly started inventing reasons for which she couldn’t seem to at that moment. One time she pretended that she had a lot of work to do and was tired, another time she had problems down there that she couldn’t help, until finally she really couldn’t because she had her days. However, she did one more thing: She started dressing very sexy, no sweatpants around the house, but tight leggings and low-cut T-shirts. She slowly smeared herself in front of Mark and seduced him as if she wasn’t even aware of it. Kristín finally got sexy nightgowns for the night and a longed-for day.

Rude proposal

“He called me before the weekend at work on Friday to ask if we would have a romantic evening, that he misses me and wants me very much. However, I had a better idea in my head and suggested that if he wanted me so much, he should come to work with me to satisfy his libido. At first he was taken aback, but when I began to describe to him in detail what I would do with his team at that moment and what kind of underwear I was wearing, it didn’t take him even half an hour to catch up with me. Almost no one was at work. I sent my assistant home and when Marko arrived, I locked the door, closed the blinds and finally enjoyed sex, like in the good old, casual days. And they say it won’t be like that anymore….” Kristín adds with a smile on her lips.

But that was not all, they really enjoyed a romantic evening as a couple, without children, and since then they have been planning such trips regularly. “Marko understood that if we both put in a little effort, it doesn’t have to be literally just shoving here and shoving there, but something extra that we can both enjoy much better and for longer”, he concludes his experience.

I postponed sex with a new discovery for several weeks: But for this reason, I would never do it again today

How long are you willing to have sex with your new discovery? Assuming the first date went well and you know there will be more?

No sex

A really tough challenge for me. I have never been one of those women who put off sex until the last moment. If I liked a guy, I had no problem sleeping with him immediately after meeting him. I didn’t consider myself, popularly speaking, easy, but I think it’s natural that if two people are physically attracted, their impulses won’t be controlled… At the same time, my way of life was also reflected in my relationships. I considered myself a non-relationship type. The longest romance lasted a little over half a year. I never thought about it until Peter came along. A guy who, of course, charmed me the first time I met him. When I went to tell a friend about him the next day, she pointed out something that I might not have been aware of until now. Supposedly so that I wouldn’t screw it up again right at the beginning… I didn’t know what he meant. So she explained to me that even though I don’t realize it myself, it is said that behind my large number of failed romances are precisely my imprudent actions, the desire to jump into bed with a man right at the beginning, which I say I can tire of them… Ok, I told myself well. So now I’ll do it the other way around. I will be waiting. And I will wait exactly ninety days before I have sex with Peter or anyone else.

The endless wait

Well, it wasn’t easy for me at all. After a month, I wanted to jump on him at every meeting. But I thought that maybe this waiting will pay off much more. They really liked Peter. We got along, we were attracted, we had the same interests, and I even found myself imagining that he might be “the one” a few times. When I refused to have sex with him even after two months, he didn’t like it, and he asked me why? I didn’t know what to say to him. All I got out was “I want to make sure I won’t regret it” or “if we’re on the right track” bullshit. Believe me, I would never really say such stupid things before. To my surprise, he took it very well. He said he understands, respects that and won’t pressure me.

Who will wait for…

They say he will wait. And I waited too. Three months passed and I was finally determined and especially ready to jump on Peter as soon as I see him between the doors. I imagined this evening so many times… But I didn’t count on one little thing. That it will be an absolute fiasco. I’m not exaggerating. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that it would be the worst sex of my life. All the talk that when you get to know your partner more deeply, sex will be more intimate, I laughed at that moment. Bullshit. Sex is just as important as other aspects of a relationship and should not be put off for long. If I had slept with Peter three weeks after we met, I would have saved both of them two months. Of course, I gave it a chance, it didn’t end with the first sex. But only by the fifth. So I understood that we have hours to talk for nothing, we have the same plans for the future. If it doesn’t click in bed, it doesn’t click. And in life I follow exactly what my mother told me when I was eighteen: “Never marry someone with whom you don’t have great sex…” . And mothers must be obeyed.

Erotic short stories: I slept with someone I wasn’t supposed to: One night ruined my entire career

Sometimes one moment is enough to ruin our whole life. Today I know I was stupid…

At that time, I was fresh from a breakup and decided to enjoy life to the fullest. I spent every weekend in the company of colleagues at some kind of event and slept at home only occasionally.

I let this lifestyle go so far that several men took turns in my bed over the course of several months. Although I’m in my thirties, I felt like I was alive again. I was no longer a slave to my fiance and I could do whatever I wanted. At the same time, however, I had been working for years on a promotion that was only a month away. But it all kind of slowed down with this lifestyle. I couldn’t do anything and the boss slightly changed his attitude towards me, but he still believed me, until one moment.

I made the biggest mistake

A colleague invited me for a drink after work, and although we only agreed on one thing, things changed. We had such a good time that I forgot about one important event where a business meeting was supposed to take place. When my boss called me to finalize some information about the evening, I overheard. My colleague overdid it by calling a taxi while I had to attend. I hastily changed my clothes at home and went to the event in the “mood”. I did not personally know the person with whom I was supposed to take over the business, so when a man approached me from behind and asked if he could invite me for a drink, I did not protest. People slowly left, I gradually forgot about the client and devoted myself to a new discovery. When he said that his “date” probably wouldn’t arrive, he asked me if we would continue at his hotel. I didn’t care that night. We shared it a few times and let me tell you, it was really good.

I woke up in the morning with a severe headache and saw an empty bed. Only a note remained on his side: “I had to travel, thank you for the evening.” Later, I found a few missed calls from my boss and remembered that I missed an important client. SMS “How did it go?” I replied that he did not come to the event. He immediately called me and told me not to drag him, because people from the company saw me leaving the event with him. However, I claimed that I left with another man. Subsequently, he sent me a photo of the client. I felt sick. It was the same person I spent the night with. There was no great cooperation, and my promotion turned into an hourly notice.

Erotic stories: I traded an alpha male for an inexperienced bunny: This is why I did it

Sex is not like sex, and sometimes you suddenly feel like experimenting with something, or rather with someone else… This was also my case.

Our reader Miriam (30) told us why she traded sex with a perfect alpha male prototype for sex with an inexperienced young man, and believe it or not, her reasons are not to be thrown away.

Passionate like a scorpion

“I’m a Scorpio, you probably don’t need to know more. In all horoscopes you will read that we are the most passionate sign. In my case, it is 100% true. That’s why at the beginning I didn’t understand myself why I gave priority to what I gave. But later I understood…”, begins Miriam somewhat mysteriously.

More of a man than a woman

As a single young woman who loves sex, Miriam has had quite a few sexual partners, according to her words. Which suited her for a long time. As she herself states: “I did not deal with the issue of promiscuity, and neither did my girlfriends, most of whom were married.” Sometimes I just felt that by talking about my sexual passionate adventures, they were imagining themselves in such situations. Since most people always had the same things at home, which I didn’t judge, I’ve probably always been from a different path and there’s probably more of a man in me than a woman, in this respect.”

Real class, but that ego

Miriam’s last sexual partner, Richard, was really a class act in bed. He knew how to talk her into things that she thought were too much for her. “So I experimented even more than before. However, the longer I was with him, the more I began to notice other aspects of sex. For example, his incredibly high ego, his inappropriate comments about my person right during sex, his total insensitivity and more. The peak of insolence was when he told me to lose weight, because I don’t have such a sexy ass from behind, and I should realize that I’m sleeping with extra class”, says Miriam, and we have to point out that her ass is incredibly good.

The inexperienced bunny from next door surprised

So Miriam decided to end this extra class and started with an inexperienced young neighbor, still a student. “I wouldn’t believe it, but I had much more fun with him. The guy was literally devouring me with his eyes. He was as grateful as anyone and the first time I did it in his mouth, he was quite ready. I gradually introduced him to the secrets of pleasure, had fun, and at the same time got to know other aspects of sex, such as a certain kind of connection. I suddenly realized that I was enjoying the care and gentleness with which he played with my body. He even gradually got bolder and started surprising me in bed in a way that no other alpha male before him, least of all Richard. Um, who would have said that…” adds Miriam with a smile on her lips.

Ranking of complicated women through the eyes of men: Do you think you belong to one of these types?

Let’s be honest… From men’s point of view, we women are all complicated. But still, when you ask them about the most complicated of us, they can accurately title us.

Maybe you, dear ladies, are confused about what exactly a man imagines under the term complicated woman? Well, here’s a little preview…

A hysterical girl

“I barely lasted a year with such a woman. I liked her from the beginning, but after a while she started to stick out rolls and make a drama out of everything. Once she started an uncontrollable fit of crying and reproaches, because I looked at the other woman who was standing in front of us at the checkout. You can’t imagine the circus and shame. After that, I told her that she was hysterical and that she should sort herself out, because she won’t find a man that way,” Robo (28) described his type of complicated woman.


This is a woman who is often a careerist, focused on work, on achieving success, likes to fit into a leading position even in a relationship. She has a tendency to do everything according to her, takes notice of her partner’s shortcomings and tries to educate him in order to prevent his weaknesses. This type was described by Miro (32) as follows: “Nothing I did was good enough for her. When we were at dinner or somewhere in society, she constantly tried to bring me up. To this day, I don’t know if you accidentally treated some complex from the past or I don’t know what. Not to mention that she was constantly pushing me to do things that were supposed to be beneficial for me. I simply felt like her son and not her partner. Terrible woman…”

The gold digger

Another type of complicated woman who proves to herself that she can seduce any man and make him do things that benefit her: “From the beginning I was literally intoxicated by her. I even thought I had found the woman of my life. She always knew how to get her way, I won’t lie, mostly through the bed. I’m only a man, I just couldn’t resist. It was only later that I realized that he knew nothing but seduction and flirting. When I once stopped to think about how much my money account was losing every month, I luckily got my wits about me and resisted sex this time. I didn’t want to end up broke because of a gold digger,” reveals Ivo (29).

The manipulator

This woman can make a man do everything she wants in a subtle way, while the man even feels that he figured it out on his own. Let’s give an illustrative example: “I don’t know how she managed it, but she was able to convince me with clever arguments to change the job, which I basically liked, just to hold a more important position, and he could be proud of who her guy is and how much money she earns.” However, when I destroyed almost all the relationships in my family because of her, I finally opened my eyes and sent her somewhere easier,” portrays another type of complicated woman, Leo (33).

Chaotic woman, schizophrenic

She never knows where she is, she’s always late, she always forgets, her house is a mess, it doesn’t bother her at all, she can’t be relied on, she likes to run away from something all the time and basically she almost never knows what she wants, because in addition to the chaos around her, she also has chaos within herself. Ondrej (30) described her to us as follows: “I did one because I thought I would please her, and she reacted by being offended. I thought there was going to be a problem and she was smiling. I’m a guy and I don’t mind the mess that much, but when the dirty dishes in the sink and laundry in the basket piled up, I couldn’t help but notice and go do it for her, because if I had waited for her to notice sooner, I probably wouldn’t have made it. However, when she began to regularly accuse me of saying things that I never said and began to perfectly twist my words, I seriously thought about it and then realized that even being good in bed is not going to help here. What if he doesn’t have his head cleaned up?”

Erotic short stories: This perverted desire fell out of my conservative husband after seven years

I’ve loved my husband for years and it won’t be any other way. However, I didn’t care about his request…

Adam and I have an ideal marriage. Despite the fact that we have been living under the same roof for more than seven years, we understand each other perfectly.

As for sex life, my man preferred the classics. Therefore, any experiments simply did not belong in our bedroom. When I tried to suggest something, he always told me that he is not very good at such things. Personally, it didn’t bother me too much because he was always able to satisfy me enough that I ended up not needing any extreme positions.

On his birthday, he surprised me like this…

I received a vibrator from my friends a year ago, which I occasionally tested during my husband’s business trips. But he didn’t know about it, at least until that evening. I surprised him with dinner and he surprised me with my own vibrator, which he suddenly pulled out in bed. He said he happened to find it in my drawer, and I remembered that I had just put it in there last time. I thought he would have a problem with that, but I was wrong.

He suggested we do it differently that night years later. His idea excited me so much that I immediately agreed. But when he put a wet vibrator in my hands and told me to shove it in his ass, I felt sick. He claimed that he was only turned on by the fact that I had him inside me before. However, I didn’t find it sexy, but I let myself be talked into it. I didn’t recognize him, but when I saw that he was enjoying it, I bit my tongue. I knew I was doing it for the last time.

Erotic short stories: My husband surprised me with an unusual gift. Thanks to this thing, our sex took on another dimension

My husband always knew how to please me and at the same time please himself. However, I did not expect such a gift at all.

It was no sex tool, no underwear. My husband was finally more creative.

I love books and although my husband has never had a relationship with books or art in general, he knows that I cannot imagine my day off without a good book. What he did therefore pleasantly shocked me. Since he didn’t want to wait until Christmas, he gave me a present before the holidays.

He gave this to me

We both spent our free time sometimes in our own way, but a few times it happened that he didn’t go to football and instead wanted to spend the whole evening with me. But I was grateful for an hour of solitude, without children, in my little private library. He didn’t blame me, but I knew he was sorry. One evening he came with a gift that was tastefully tied with a red bow. There was a book hidden under the wrapping paper that I didn’t recognize. He took my hand into the bedroom and told me to open it randomly. I love games and that’s why I listened to him. He wanted me to read what was written on that page and at the same time demonstrate the whole thing.

At that moment I realized that it was a sexual short story, but it was written in an incredibly sensual way. I was excited and he was doubly excited. We did exactly what was on the page I opened. It was sexy, kinky and yet perfect. Since that evening, I have associated the pleasant with the useful. Almost every evening we found time for a joint “goodnight story.” Fortunately, the book has more than 200 pages.

Erotic short stories: I gave a man an intimate Christmas present: It’s a shame that it ended up in the wrong hands

This year’s Christmas Eve was not exactly something that our reader Radka (28) will remember fondly. Thanks to an unconventional gift for her husband, she caused herself a shame she didn’t expect…

A special Christmas gift for an anniversary

“I thought for a long time about a suitable gift for my husband Richard (30). During the 10 long years that we have been together, I have given him many such necessary, traditional Christmas gifts. This year, on the tenth anniversary of our relationship, which began exactly on Christmas, on Christmas Eve, I wanted a literal bomb for him. Something that he definitely wouldn’t expect and that would get him. So I decided to give him something to spice up our love life. Richard is a real expert in sex and we tried a lot of things, but we weren’t so good at erotic aids. Of course, except for the vibrator, which we liked to use. I bought my husband a whole set of sex toys for him and her. There was literally everything there, and believe me, it also cost a lot of money – However, I was looking forward to how she would look when she opened the gift. We will just add that it was definitely not a bad idea, but more than welcome. After all, many people would dream about this, don’t you think?

“But a mistake crept in”

However, since Radka and Richard still lived under the same roof with his parents, they traditionally had dinner together. He and his mother-in-law also wrapped Christmas presents together every year. Of course, Radka packed her special one for her son in advance so that she wouldn’t see it and her mother-in-law would never even pick up what she bought. However, due to some oversight, two gifts of the same shape and size wrapped in the same Christmas paper were left on the table. “I remember just jumping back and when I went back to my mother-in-law and the presents, without thinking for a second I grabbed the present I assumed was for Richard and hid it in my closet. Who could have guessed at that moment that the mother-in-law’s gift for her husband would be wrapped almost unrecognizably,” our reader Radka is still scratching her head.

Shame for a hundred years, but fun for the husband

Of course, Radka planned to give this gift to Richard alone in her room after the official unwrapping of the gifts. However, she also had one ready for him that his parents could see. After the festive dinner and the arrival of the rest of Richard’s family, his sister, with her husband and two children, they got down to business. “Everything was completely traditional and normal, until the moment when the mother-in-law gave a gift to her husband and he unwrapped a set of erotic aids intended for his son. If you could see the red and uncomprehending faces around me, plus the in-laws, who had probably never seen any of this in their life and never used it at all… I had no choice but to grab a box with erotic aids of all kinds, admit the color, apologize, that there was a mistake, to bring the real mother-in-law’s gift, and to spend the rest of the evening in embarrassment, until I collapse from shame for a hundred years, alone in my bedroom. Surprisingly, my husband found it more than funny. He even wanted to try one of those toys that evening,” adds a still embarrassed Radka. Her lesson at the end of the story: “Definitely don’t put intimate gifts under the Christmas tree when you live with your husband’s family. Leave them alone for a while, whether it’s Christmas or not.’

Erotic stories: I broke my New Year’s resolution regarding sex on the first day: Was this man to blame?

Laura thought that fulfilling this New Year’s resolution would be a piece of cake for her. However, she did not count on the fact that she will meet someone who will not be so easy to stay with…

New Year’s Eve party full of surprises

There is really more than enough going on at such a New Year’s Eve party. Our reader Laura (30) also knows her own story. “Year after year I repeat to myself that this time it will just be about having fun with my friends in the middle of a great party and an equally friendly kiss at midnight on New Year’s Eve. Well, year after year, wonder the world, I wake up in the morning in my bed, but not alone. Don’t get me wrong… I’m single and I don’t deal. When I feel like it and have a suitable male object that would be worth the sin, I just do it. And both were present at my last three New Year’s Eve parties. So it just worked out. But this year, with the arrival of my thirties, I kind of re-evaluated my behavior and told myself that this year’s New Year’s celebration will turn out differently. I made a New Year’s resolution to wake up this New Year’s morning without a random acquaintance in my bed.’

It was supposed to be a piece of cake until he showed up…

Laura thought it was nothing. Besides, there was no one she really fancied at this year’s New Year’s Eve party. Although it is said that with alcohol, the taste somehow appears and strengthens itself, even if it is a not very sexy male object. “Fulfilling this New Year’s resolution seemed more than easy from the beginning. Until the man appeared at the door, for whom I had gone to the capital years ago and changed my entire life, only to be replaced by a sexier model. That man was the reason why I haven’t started a normal functioning relationship since then and decided to just have fun with men. When I saw Filip standing in the doorway alone and so sinfully sexy, all that anger, reinforced by alcohol, surfaced again. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen him or wanted to hear anything about him, and he shamelessly marches right in front of me with his sexy innocent Hollywood smile and sex tape to spare.”

New Year’s morning in an old-new dress

However, the more the man of her dreams followed Laura, the more nervous she drank. When the moment came when the seconds to the new year began to count down to zero and everyone turned to someone to wish each other, suddenly Filip grabbed her head, pressed her body against his and just kissed her: “I I don’t understand what it was, but suddenly all that anger, combined with alcohol, nervousness and the festive moment, turned into a repressed sexual desire. That was the only thing I could think about the whole taxi ride to his bed. Even though I knew I was making a mistake and even that I was breaking my New Year’s resolution, I had the best sex like the good old days and enjoyed every single moment of the rest of the night. It had only one flaw… To recover, quickly sober up and realize that on another New Year’s morning I’m waking up (this time in a stranger’s bed) with a man, not alone as I had planned. At least I didn’t deal with a casual acquaintance, this is how I fell into it again. All bad…,” she evaluated.