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These women are considered goddesses by men: Who has a magical aura for them and they can’t resist it?

Which women do guys find the absolute most attractive? And what adds to their attractiveness in their eyes? They revealed it themselves.

Grace, tenderness and fragility with a dose of mystery win

Some women seem to have a strange aura about them. When they appear in the presence of men, they are immediately attracted to them. They know exactly what to say, how to react in situations. Even their gestures seem attractive. What do men perceive really intensely in this regard?

Beauty is an important factor, but it is not as important as you might think. I adore women who are gentle, gentle at first glance. And they exude natural grace and fragility. This is something I simply cannot resist. Yes, big lips, a nice ass and a figure are great, but they are not what I notice in a woman if I am serious about her. It is that charm that plays a big role. (John 28)

For me, the embodiment of the goddess is a woman who is a woman. I feel that nowadays women are extremely self-confident, independent and more masculine than they should be. The delicacy is lost from them and that’s a shame. That’s what gets us men, and I have a feeling I’m not the only one who thinks so. My friends feel that way too. (Self, 31)

For me it is mystery and tenderness. Those are the two attributes that women who immediately attract me have. It simply radiates from them. Really, even if you don’t realize it, you just have this all around you and yes, it affects us guys more than you probably think. (Matthew, 33)

Do you have an infidel by your side? These things will betray him

Many of us encounter infidelity in relationships regularly. Whether we have experienced it firsthand or mediated by friends, one thing remains. You can spot a cheater long before he breaks your heart.

Although it may sound paradoxical, relationship boundaries play a key role in infidelity

Cheating itself is defined as an act of emotional or physical unfaithfulness to a partner. There are several different reasons why people commit infidelity such as physical, online, financial or emotional. Cheating falls into a dark area that, if not talked about, often affects the relationship in a negative way.

Although it may sound paradoxical, infidelity plays a key role in relation to the boundaries of the relationship and of course also what the consequences are if these boundaries are violated. What one person may consider cheating is not necessarily the same in another relationship.

There are many signs that indicate that your partner is cheating on you. But one of the most important and significant indicators is instinct. You shouldn’t ignore that one. Changes often manifest in emotional and physical distance, leading to a disconnect between the two of you.

1. You notice fundamental changes in communication

We are all busy, stressed and overreacting to ourselves from time to time. However, if a guy is unfaithful to you, the change in communication will begin to take on a different tone.

It will be ignoring, it will stop engaging you in the normal dialogues you used to have, it will start focusing on everything outside of you. It will simply leave you completely out of the communication sphere of interest.

2. Begins to make more significant changes in routines

We all have routines we follow to create the lifestyle we want. When you are in a relationship, you get used to it with your partner as well. But if his changes significantly, it’s time to pay attention.

Ask yourself: Has anything changed with his routine? If so, what has changed and how significant is this change? Sometimes the changes are subtle, so they may not be noticeable at first. However, it is the first indication that something seems to be happening.

3. He takes more care of himself

Most people focus on some form of self-care, such as physical activity at the beginning of the year or as the summer months approach. That’s understandable.

However, if your partner suddenly dresses differently, changes perfume, pays more attention to his appearance, maybe it’s time to ask or think about this behavior.

4. He becomes more critical of you

We all have some traits that are less than ideal, whether in behavior or physically. But when your friend starts criticizing you about things that didn’t bother him before, a light bulb should turn on in your head again.

It could mean that he is cheating on you. Therefore, it is good to be aware of and accept changes in this sphere.

5. He starts to have secrets

He used to have no problem talking to you about everything, you had access to his phone, computer, or diary. When there is a change in this, it does not bode well.

There are men who guard their privacy in this sphere from the beginning, but the problem arises when this change happens out of the blue.

First date: We bring you 6 tips on how to succeed

Your first date is approaching and your heart starts pounding with nervousness? This is understandable; after all, the first impression is the most important, and a good first date can eventually result in a lasting relationship. We conducted a survey among our members and bring you 6 useful tips on how not to mess up your first date.

Don’t underestimate the preparation for the first date

They say that clothes make a person, and there is probably no one who has not considered the most appropriate outfit for a first date. It’s best to be yourself and three quarters of our members would choose clothes that they feel good in and that fit them. But beware: definitely not sweatpants or dungarees…

For more than 90 percent of the respondents, the first meeting is very important.

Before going on your first date, invite a friend to your home and evaluate the selected clothing together. A critical look from someone you know is never harmful and will help to gain distance.

The first meeting in the apartment is taboo

Inviting someone to your home for a first date means dating suicide, so you will definitely not miss choosing a suitable place. Cafes (44% of respondents) and restaurants (22%) remain the undisputed classics, but there are also other options.

Places like cinemas, theaters or clubs are not the best place for a first date. If a couple just sits quietly next to each other on a first date, or the music drowns them out, it is difficult to learn more about each other.

Talk about what you enjoy

According to the Czech coach Hana Wolf, naturalness is very important for a relationship, and activities that you enjoy and fulfill are equally important. “So if you talk about what you like, you can easily find out how much you have in common. If you find that you don’t have much in common, there is still plenty of room to back out of the relationship,” adds the coach.

Be careful about paying

You should make it clear to the waiter that you intend to pay for yourself. If the other party insists on paying for both – it does not mean that you owe someone anything.

85% of users want to pay the bill for themselves, and at the first meeting you should not be arrogant to the service in any case.

Give yourself at least half an hour

It always takes two for a first date, both parties look forward to meeting each other and devote their free time to it. If you meet someone who does not meet your expectations of a partner, do not panic and spend at least half an hour.

As many as 57% of respondents in the case of lack of interest, and thus a failed date, do not say anything and show their lack of interest only indirectly.

Speak the truth

According to coach Wolf, we shouldn’t try to beautify our profession: “If someone doesn’t want you the way you are, it’s simply not worth it.”

The most important final advice: Don’t forget to arrive on time, because nothing poisons the other person like a long wait filled with the nervousness of the first meeting. An indicator of a successful date is a kiss, which you would receive from almost 70 percent of the respondents. Good luck!

I postponed sex with a new discovery for several weeks: But for this reason, I would never do it again today

How long are you willing to have sex with your new discovery? Assuming the first date went well and you know there will be more?

No sex

A really tough challenge for me. I have never been one of those women who put off sex until the last moment. If I liked a guy, I had no problem sleeping with him immediately after meeting him. I didn’t consider myself, popularly speaking, easy, but I think it’s natural that if two people are physically attracted, their impulses won’t be controlled… At the same time, my way of life was also reflected in my relationships. I considered myself a non-relationship type. The longest romance lasted a little over half a year. I never thought about it until Peter came along. A guy who, of course, charmed me the first time I met him. When I went to tell a friend about him the next day, she pointed out something that I might not have been aware of until now. Supposedly so that I wouldn’t screw it up again right at the beginning… I didn’t know what he meant. So she explained to me that even though I don’t realize it myself, it is said that behind my large number of failed romances are precisely my imprudent actions, the desire to jump into bed with a man right at the beginning, which I say I can tire of them… Ok, I told myself well. So now I’ll do it the other way around. I will be waiting. And I will wait exactly ninety days before I have sex with Peter or anyone else.

The endless wait

Well, it wasn’t easy for me at all. After a month, I wanted to jump on him at every meeting. But I thought that maybe this waiting will pay off much more. They really liked Peter. We got along, we were attracted, we had the same interests, and I even found myself imagining that he might be “the one” a few times. When I refused to have sex with him even after two months, he didn’t like it, and he asked me why? I didn’t know what to say to him. All I got out was “I want to make sure I won’t regret it” or “if we’re on the right track” bullshit. Believe me, I would never really say such stupid things before. To my surprise, he took it very well. He said he understands, respects that and won’t pressure me.

Who will wait for…

They say he will wait. And I waited too. Three months passed and I was finally determined and especially ready to jump on Peter as soon as I see him between the doors. I imagined this evening so many times… But I didn’t count on one little thing. That it will be an absolute fiasco. I’m not exaggerating. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that it would be the worst sex of my life. All the talk that when you get to know your partner more deeply, sex will be more intimate, I laughed at that moment. Bullshit. Sex is just as important as other aspects of a relationship and should not be put off for long. If I had slept with Peter three weeks after we met, I would have saved both of them two months. Of course, I gave it a chance, it didn’t end with the first sex. But only by the fifth. So I understood that we have hours to talk for nothing, we have the same plans for the future. If it doesn’t click in bed, it doesn’t click. And in life I follow exactly what my mother told me when I was eighteen: “Never marry someone with whom you don’t have great sex…” . And mothers must be obeyed.