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The sex position that makes men feel like gods: Women achieve their best orgasms in this position

The position where men feel like gods and women achieve their best orgasm. Thanks to this view of a woman, they are much more active.

A position that makes men feel like gods

Men love to experiment in sex, but what is important is that they always need to feel like men when changing sexual positions. Today we are talking about a position where they even feel like gods. It is masculine and gives them the opportunity to get to know the female body perfectly. On the one hand, they have a view of the entire female lines, on the other hand, they have deep penetration “in their hands”. This is the scissor position in which women, by the way, achieve the best orgasm. And this is precisely the reason that leads them to greater activity.

Experienced lovers do not let her go

Lovers who know best with women do not allow this position. In addition to the mentioned deep penetration, they are available to stimulate the female clitoris, which is a double hit and the way to orgasm.

“I love when a woman is as straddled as possible and allows me to penetrate as deeply as possible. The way her body moves, and especially the female breasts, is a sight for the gods. Definitely the best for me,” says Robo (39).

“In this position, I achieved the strongest female orgasm I had ever heard of. It’s a great feeling and if it’s mutual, it’s definitely an experience you want to repeat,” Peter (29) does not hide his desires.

“The scissor position is ideal if you both have a certain animality in your blood and love to achieve more orgasms. It’s a great ending to night castles with a never-ending climax,” concludes Michal (35).