Erotic short stories: I slept with someone I wasn’t supposed to: One night ruined my entire career

Sometimes one moment is enough to ruin our whole life. Today I know I was stupid…

At that time, I was fresh from a breakup and decided to enjoy life to the fullest. I spent every weekend in the company of colleagues at some kind of event and slept at home only occasionally.

I let this lifestyle go so far that several men took turns in my bed over the course of several months. Although I’m in my thirties, I felt like I was alive again. I was no longer a slave to my fiance and I could do whatever I wanted. At the same time, however, I had been working for years on a promotion that was only a month away. But it all kind of slowed down with this lifestyle. I couldn’t do anything and the boss slightly changed his attitude towards me, but he still believed me, until one moment.

I made the biggest mistake

A colleague invited me for a drink after work, and although we only agreed on one thing, things changed. We had such a good time that I forgot about one important event where a business meeting was supposed to take place. When my boss called me to finalize some information about the evening, I overheard. My colleague overdid it by calling a taxi while I had to attend. I hastily changed my clothes at home and went to the event in the “mood”. I did not personally know the person with whom I was supposed to take over the business, so when a man approached me from behind and asked if he could invite me for a drink, I did not protest. People slowly left, I gradually forgot about the client and devoted myself to a new discovery. When he said that his “date” probably wouldn’t arrive, he asked me if we would continue at his hotel. I didn’t care that night. We shared it a few times and let me tell you, it was really good.

I woke up in the morning with a severe headache and saw an empty bed. Only a note remained on his side: “I had to travel, thank you for the evening.” Later, I found a few missed calls from my boss and remembered that I missed an important client. SMS “How did it go?” I replied that he did not come to the event. He immediately called me and told me not to drag him, because people from the company saw me leaving the event with him. However, I claimed that I left with another man. Subsequently, he sent me a photo of the client. I felt sick. It was the same person I spent the night with. There was no great cooperation, and my promotion turned into an hourly notice.

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