Erotic stories: I traded an alpha male for an inexperienced bunny: This is why I did it

Sex is not like sex, and sometimes you suddenly feel like experimenting with something, or rather with someone else… This was also my case.

Our reader Miriam (30) told us why she traded sex with a perfect alpha male prototype for sex with an inexperienced young man, and believe it or not, her reasons are not to be thrown away.

Passionate like a scorpion

“I’m a Scorpio, you probably don’t need to know more. In all horoscopes you will read that we are the most passionate sign. In my case, it is 100% true. That’s why at the beginning I didn’t understand myself why I gave priority to what I gave. But later I understood…”, begins Miriam somewhat mysteriously.

More of a man than a woman

As a single young woman who loves sex, Miriam has had quite a few sexual partners, according to her words. Which suited her for a long time. As she herself states: “I did not deal with the issue of promiscuity, and neither did my girlfriends, most of whom were married.” Sometimes I just felt that by talking about my sexual passionate adventures, they were imagining themselves in such situations. Since most people always had the same things at home, which I didn’t judge, I’ve probably always been from a different path and there’s probably more of a man in me than a woman, in this respect.”

Real class, but that ego

Miriam’s last sexual partner, Richard, was really a class act in bed. He knew how to talk her into things that she thought were too much for her. “So I experimented even more than before. However, the longer I was with him, the more I began to notice other aspects of sex. For example, his incredibly high ego, his inappropriate comments about my person right during sex, his total insensitivity and more. The peak of insolence was when he told me to lose weight, because I don’t have such a sexy ass from behind, and I should realize that I’m sleeping with extra class”, says Miriam, and we have to point out that her ass is incredibly good.

The inexperienced bunny from next door surprised

So Miriam decided to end this extra class and started with an inexperienced young neighbor, still a student. “I wouldn’t believe it, but I had much more fun with him. The guy was literally devouring me with his eyes. He was as grateful as anyone and the first time I did it in his mouth, he was quite ready. I gradually introduced him to the secrets of pleasure, had fun, and at the same time got to know other aspects of sex, such as a certain kind of connection. I suddenly realized that I was enjoying the care and gentleness with which he played with my body. He even gradually got bolder and started surprising me in bed in a way that no other alpha male before him, least of all Richard. Um, who would have said that…” adds Miriam with a smile on her lips.

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