I postponed sex with a new discovery for several weeks: But for this reason, I would never do it again today

How long are you willing to have sex with your new discovery? Assuming the first date went well and you know there will be more?

No sex

A really tough challenge for me. I have never been one of those women who put off sex until the last moment. If I liked a guy, I had no problem sleeping with him immediately after meeting him. I didn’t consider myself, popularly speaking, easy, but I think it’s natural that if two people are physically attracted, their impulses won’t be controlled… At the same time, my way of life was also reflected in my relationships. I considered myself a non-relationship type. The longest romance lasted a little over half a year. I never thought about it until Peter came along. A guy who, of course, charmed me the first time I met him. When I went to tell a friend about him the next day, she pointed out something that I might not have been aware of until now. Supposedly so that I wouldn’t screw it up again right at the beginning… I didn’t know what he meant. So she explained to me that even though I don’t realize it myself, it is said that behind my large number of failed romances are precisely my imprudent actions, the desire to jump into bed with a man right at the beginning, which I say I can tire of them… Ok, I told myself well. So now I’ll do it the other way around. I will be waiting. And I will wait exactly ninety days before I have sex with Peter or anyone else.

The endless wait

Well, it wasn’t easy for me at all. After a month, I wanted to jump on him at every meeting. But I thought that maybe this waiting will pay off much more. They really liked Peter. We got along, we were attracted, we had the same interests, and I even found myself imagining that he might be “the one” a few times. When I refused to have sex with him even after two months, he didn’t like it, and he asked me why? I didn’t know what to say to him. All I got out was “I want to make sure I won’t regret it” or “if we’re on the right track” bullshit. Believe me, I would never really say such stupid things before. To my surprise, he took it very well. He said he understands, respects that and won’t pressure me.

Who will wait for…

They say he will wait. And I waited too. Three months passed and I was finally determined and especially ready to jump on Peter as soon as I see him between the doors. I imagined this evening so many times… But I didn’t count on one little thing. That it will be an absolute fiasco. I’m not exaggerating. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that it would be the worst sex of my life. All the talk that when you get to know your partner more deeply, sex will be more intimate, I laughed at that moment. Bullshit. Sex is just as important as other aspects of a relationship and should not be put off for long. If I had slept with Peter three weeks after we met, I would have saved both of them two months. Of course, I gave it a chance, it didn’t end with the first sex. But only by the fifth. So I understood that we have hours to talk for nothing, we have the same plans for the future. If it doesn’t click in bed, it doesn’t click. And in life I follow exactly what my mother told me when I was eighteen: “Never marry someone with whom you don’t have great sex…” . And mothers must be obeyed.

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