Men revealed when they will never leave a woman: This is key for us in a relationship

There is a prototype of a woman that men will never leave. Do you know what is really important to them in a relationship to stay in? It’s not all about good sex.

Healthy self-confidence, understanding and respect

“The perfect prototype of a woman in my opinion? One who is healthy self-confident, considerate of my own needs in a relationship and has no problem seeing me at lunch with a colleague, for example. Most women simply cannot do this and even though they are not in any danger, they make a scene because of it. What I think it’s directly related to low self-esteem. That’s why these things are extremely important to me.” (Erik, 28)

Expressions of desire, affection and wanting

“I think women often think that we men don’t need caressing or other physical displays of affection. But that’s stupid. We need it just as intensely as women. And when a woman shows us desire, feelings of wanting, she’s not above it. That’s in in my case something, why then I definitely keep it with me.” (Lukáš, 31)

Trust and support

“For me, the ideal woman is one in whom I feel that I can trust her, I can lean on her. At the same time, when I know that she respects me, supports me and approves of what I do. I feel that many women have tendencies to compete in a relationship and that’s anything but bearable. Especially in the long run.” (Boris, 34)

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