My husband cheated on me for years and I didn’t mind. Until he ended it, which totally turned my life upside down

Sweet ignorance is exactly what held our marriage together…

I never believed in endless love until death. Nevertheless, I got married at a very young age. Of course, I loved my husband Patrik, basically I still do. We met while studying at university. After two years we decided to get married. Our neighborhood was quite surprised by this relatively quick step. We both had the same personalities, we wanted to build a career, so at first glance it might seem that family is the last thing we want. And basically we didn’t even want to. Yes, we wanted to be married, but children were out of the question for many years.

A marital idyll

After the height, we both managed to get lucrative jobs very quickly. We both worked hard on each other, which was reflected in our married life. We saw each other very little, but let’s face it, each of us has our own needs. Both men and women. Mine was regular sex. I mean every day. But since my husband was busy with work, I started looking for this pleasure elsewhere… Every evening when I was without my husband, I went out and picked up some man. Just like that, for pleasure, for one night… So yes, I was the one who first started cheating in our relationship.

After two years since joining our jobs, Paťo has developed very skillfully. Suddenly, he was not only an attractive, funny guy, but also very successful. Which of course added to his self-confidence and attracted the attention of other women. And guys are guys. When young, attractive women in their twenties start throwing themselves around their necks, few can say no. He didn’t say either. I knew right from the start that you found a lover. He acted exactly like I did when I started cheating on him. Did it bother me? Not. Because as soon as he had an affair, I could also attend to my activities. Everything was fine at home, sex together was great, we didn’t fight… You might think that we have an idyllic marriage.

Everything will end someday

We lived like this for almost ten years. And during that time he had no idea, I, on the other hand, knew absolutely everything. Even after those ten years, I never thought that a day would come that would change my life completely. At the company party, Patrik got more drunk than he should have, and could not hide his close relationship with his secretary from his colleagues. When he realized what he had done the next day, he decided to be honest and tell me everything before the others told me. He confessed to everything. I didn’t know how to react. I pretended to be indignant, but only so that he wouldn’t find out that I knew about it. He promised to end the affair, and he did. He suddenly had more time that he wanted to devote only to me and our marriage, he even started pressuring me that he wanted a family, children… Which of course did not play into my favor. I simply loved my one-time affairs and did not want to give them up. Suddenly, Patrik became so suspicious that he went after me one evening and caught me in the act. He gave me a choice that day. Him or divorce. I loved him, but I was ashamed in front of him for the long years of lies, disbelief, that I chose divorce. I couldn’t live with the idea that he knows everything about me. A month after the separation, I found out I was pregnant. However, I have no idea who the father of my child is, and I’d rather never find out.

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