Ranking of complicated women through the eyes of men: Do you think you belong to one of these types?

Let’s be honest… From men’s point of view, we women are all complicated. But still, when you ask them about the most complicated of us, they can accurately title us.

Maybe you, dear ladies, are confused about what exactly a man imagines under the term complicated woman? Well, here’s a little preview…

A hysterical girl

“I barely lasted a year with such a woman. I liked her from the beginning, but after a while she started to stick out rolls and make a drama out of everything. Once she started an uncontrollable fit of crying and reproaches, because I looked at the other woman who was standing in front of us at the checkout. You can’t imagine the circus and shame. After that, I told her that she was hysterical and that she should sort herself out, because she won’t find a man that way,” Robo (28) described his type of complicated woman.


This is a woman who is often a careerist, focused on work, on achieving success, likes to fit into a leading position even in a relationship. She has a tendency to do everything according to her, takes notice of her partner’s shortcomings and tries to educate him in order to prevent his weaknesses. This type was described by Miro (32) as follows: “Nothing I did was good enough for her. When we were at dinner or somewhere in society, she constantly tried to bring me up. To this day, I don’t know if you accidentally treated some complex from the past or I don’t know what. Not to mention that she was constantly pushing me to do things that were supposed to be beneficial for me. I simply felt like her son and not her partner. Terrible woman…”

The gold digger

Another type of complicated woman who proves to herself that she can seduce any man and make him do things that benefit her: “From the beginning I was literally intoxicated by her. I even thought I had found the woman of my life. She always knew how to get her way, I won’t lie, mostly through the bed. I’m only a man, I just couldn’t resist. It was only later that I realized that he knew nothing but seduction and flirting. When I once stopped to think about how much my money account was losing every month, I luckily got my wits about me and resisted sex this time. I didn’t want to end up broke because of a gold digger,” reveals Ivo (29).

The manipulator

This woman can make a man do everything she wants in a subtle way, while the man even feels that he figured it out on his own. Let’s give an illustrative example: “I don’t know how she managed it, but she was able to convince me with clever arguments to change the job, which I basically liked, just to hold a more important position, and he could be proud of who her guy is and how much money she earns.” However, when I destroyed almost all the relationships in my family because of her, I finally opened my eyes and sent her somewhere easier,” portrays another type of complicated woman, Leo (33).

Chaotic woman, schizophrenic

She never knows where she is, she’s always late, she always forgets, her house is a mess, it doesn’t bother her at all, she can’t be relied on, she likes to run away from something all the time and basically she almost never knows what she wants, because in addition to the chaos around her, she also has chaos within herself. Ondrej (30) described her to us as follows: “I did one because I thought I would please her, and she reacted by being offended. I thought there was going to be a problem and she was smiling. I’m a guy and I don’t mind the mess that much, but when the dirty dishes in the sink and laundry in the basket piled up, I couldn’t help but notice and go do it for her, because if I had waited for her to notice sooner, I probably wouldn’t have made it. However, when she began to regularly accuse me of saying things that I never said and began to perfectly twist my words, I seriously thought about it and then realized that even being good in bed is not going to help here. What if he doesn’t have his head cleaned up?”

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