The sperm donor became a happy father and husband

She was 42 years old and wanted her own child very much, but due to a genetic disorder she had already lost two sons (the first died of her as a four-month-old baby, the second lived to be 14 months old). She was extremely distressed by the tragedies that befell her. Despite this, she did not stop desiring another child, and the fact that she was without a partner did not stop her from trying to fulfill her maternal needs.

But at the same time, she was very afraid. She was aware of the 25% risk that the genetic disorder would reappear. But in the end, she made up her mind and decided to contact a sperm bank, where she could choose the right one from a list of several dozen anonymous donors.

Accidental father

The donor she finally chose described in his profile that he was cheerful and carefree, with a high work ethic. In addition, he was in excellent health. The whole process went well and the result was a little girl whom Aminah named Leila. She was born on August 14, 2012, weighed less than four kilograms and was completely healthy.

But the grandmother did not like that the child would never know his biological father, so they found a donor with the help of a sperm bank. Scott (that’s the nice blond’s name) approached the meeting. They saw each other for the first time shortly after the little angel’s first birthday.

Random love

At first, both parents were very nervous about it, but they fell in love at first sight, and after a few meetings, Scott wrote an email to “his beauties” that he wanted to meet regularly, preferably every week. Soon, however, they saw each other almost daily, and mutual sympathy (not only between father and daughter) grew. They did not know each other and spent Christmas together. Scott turned out to be a caring father and a great person. Somehow naturally they began to form a family, because everyone felt it.

Today they are still together, loving, happy and healthy.

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