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These women are considered goddesses by men: Who has a magical aura for them and they can’t resist it?

Which women do guys find the absolute most attractive? And what adds to their attractiveness in their eyes? They revealed it themselves.

Grace, tenderness and fragility with a dose of mystery win

Some women seem to have a strange aura about them. When they appear in the presence of men, they are immediately attracted to them. They know exactly what to say, how to react in situations. Even their gestures seem attractive. What do men perceive really intensely in this regard?

Beauty is an important factor, but it is not as important as you might think. I adore women who are gentle, gentle at first glance. And they exude natural grace and fragility. This is something I simply cannot resist. Yes, big lips, a nice ass and a figure are great, but they are not what I notice in a woman if I am serious about her. It is that charm that plays a big role. (John 28)

For me, the embodiment of the goddess is a woman who is a woman. I feel that nowadays women are extremely self-confident, independent and more masculine than they should be. The delicacy is lost from them and that’s a shame. That’s what gets us men, and I have a feeling I’m not the only one who thinks so. My friends feel that way too. (Self, 31)

For me it is mystery and tenderness. Those are the two attributes that women who immediately attract me have. It simply radiates from them. Really, even if you don’t realize it, you just have this all around you and yes, it affects us guys more than you probably think. (Matthew, 33)

First date: We bring you 6 tips on how to succeed

Your first date is approaching and your heart starts pounding with nervousness? This is understandable; after all, the first impression is the most important, and a good first date can eventually result in a lasting relationship. We conducted a survey among our members and bring you 6 useful tips on how not to mess up your first date.

Don’t underestimate the preparation for the first date

They say that clothes make a person, and there is probably no one who has not considered the most appropriate outfit for a first date. It’s best to be yourself and three quarters of our members would choose clothes that they feel good in and that fit them. But beware: definitely not sweatpants or dungarees…

For more than 90 percent of the respondents, the first meeting is very important.

Before going on your first date, invite a friend to your home and evaluate the selected clothing together. A critical look from someone you know is never harmful and will help to gain distance.

The first meeting in the apartment is taboo

Inviting someone to your home for a first date means dating suicide, so you will definitely not miss choosing a suitable place. Cafes (44% of respondents) and restaurants (22%) remain the undisputed classics, but there are also other options.

Places like cinemas, theaters or clubs are not the best place for a first date. If a couple just sits quietly next to each other on a first date, or the music drowns them out, it is difficult to learn more about each other.

Talk about what you enjoy

According to the Czech coach Hana Wolf, naturalness is very important for a relationship, and activities that you enjoy and fulfill are equally important. “So if you talk about what you like, you can easily find out how much you have in common. If you find that you don’t have much in common, there is still plenty of room to back out of the relationship,” adds the coach.

Be careful about paying

You should make it clear to the waiter that you intend to pay for yourself. If the other party insists on paying for both – it does not mean that you owe someone anything.

85% of users want to pay the bill for themselves, and at the first meeting you should not be arrogant to the service in any case.

Give yourself at least half an hour

It always takes two for a first date, both parties look forward to meeting each other and devote their free time to it. If you meet someone who does not meet your expectations of a partner, do not panic and spend at least half an hour.

As many as 57% of respondents in the case of lack of interest, and thus a failed date, do not say anything and show their lack of interest only indirectly.

Speak the truth

According to coach Wolf, we shouldn’t try to beautify our profession: “If someone doesn’t want you the way you are, it’s simply not worth it.”

The most important final advice: Don’t forget to arrive on time, because nothing poisons the other person like a long wait filled with the nervousness of the first meeting. An indicator of a successful date is a kiss, which you would receive from almost 70 percent of the respondents. Good luck!