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How many hours a day do you sleep? This fact tells a lot not only about your health, but also about your character

Someone likes to sleep more, others need fewer hours of sleep. However, this fact in both cases says something. By the way, how much do you sleep?

Sleep is a matter of several factors

We all know that the ideal duration of sleep should be 7 to 8 hours. Of course, it should be undisturbed sleep, i.e. we should not, for example, drink alcohol before falling asleep, or fall asleep illuminated by a computer or TV screen, because these are all disturbing elements that affect the quality of sleep. Last but not least, sleep and its length are also influenced by what work we do, at what time, how busy we are, i.e. how many hours of the day we can afford to sleep. However, people are different, and that’s why while some people are comfortable sleeping only a few hours a day and are relatively rested, others would not even need the mentioned 8 hours. So what does this say about one group or the other?

Short-term sleeper

People with short sleep suffer from attention disorders, it is more difficult to concentrate. They can also be hyperactive. As the Internet portal bbc.com informs, these people are generally more energetic, lively, optimistic, because they try to absorb as much as possible and make the best use of a lot of time. Due to the lack of sleep, however, they have worse combustion, which is why they also have health problems such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disorders. As for their interpersonal relationships, they are more difficult to read by other people, often creating a deceptive image of their person, although this is not their intention. Compared to people with longer sleep, however, they have a much better tendency to manage stress, which is why they are many times more successful at work.

Long-term sleeper

In turn, these people were found to have a lower probability of attention disorders, better metabolism of sugars, specifically glucose. The incidence of health complications is lower compared to the first group, because during quality sleep our body gets rid of toxins accumulated throughout the day. Even thanks to the fact that our brain performs complete maintenance and stores memories during sleep, long-term sleepers have a better memory. From a personality point of view, however, they are more introverts, which is related either to relaxation or, on the contrary, to a lack of certain chemical substances in the brain. They can also be more prone to anxiety, depression, even schizophrenia.

So how many hours of sleep will you get from now on?