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Open About Female Orgasm: 4 Ways to Achieve It Revealed

Several thousand women, several thousand interviews, one female orgasm and four techniques how women can achieve it. This has been elaborated by the latest study, which breaks the false image promoted by the media and the pornographic industry, according to which the mere penetration of the vagina by the penis is guaranteed to lead to orgasm.

According to international sexual and reproductive organizations, sexual satisfaction, sexual pleasure and excitement, the ability to increase excitement and enjoy sex in general, is a basic human right, not just a solution to a psychological or health problem.

Research shows that the more women can enjoy sex, the happier, more satisfied they are, have lower stress levels, experience less anxiety and depression, and are more satisfied in their relationship because they experience better intimacy. A positive sexual experience and the right to it can also be found in their declarations on sexual rights. But how is it in reality?

Porn, fake porn…

Currently, young people rely on pornographic content and the depiction and explanation of sex through pornography due to the absence of sex education (if it is not absent, then young people are not satisfied with its content). And this is a mistake due to its exposure and unreality (as we mentioned in previous articles), escalating violence and orientation towards a male audience, i.e. purely male needs and fantasies (sex is not a “one-way ticket”).

If you look at previous research, they claim that only 25-30% of women achieve orgasm during sexual intercourse – but they do not distinguish between penetration and ways of stimulating the clitoris, which comes out as the key to achieving sexual pleasure and orgasm.

57% versus 95%? Orgasm in women and men

To begin with, a survey conducted by Cosmopolitan magazine (a sample of more than 2,300 women aged 18-40, 2015):

  • 57% of women confirmed that they reach orgasm every time or most of the time during sex with their partner, but 95% of men reach orgasm every time or most of the time during sex with their partner. The most common obstacles are: 50% of women are “almost there, but I can’t get past the last step to orgasm”, 38% of women talk about insufficient clitoral stimulation, 35% of women about “wrong” clitoral stimulation from their partner and 32% of women are “too much in their own head ” or makes sure they look good during sex
  • 78% of women believed that partners care about achieving orgasm, but 72% of men work their way to orgasm without helping women achieve theirs
  • 33% of women did not fake an orgasm, 67% did. To the question “why”, they answered: 28% of women because of their partner and his feelings (so that he doesn’t feel bad, but feels satisfied), 27% of women because of a faster end to sex, because they felt that they would not reach orgasm, 42% of women gave both of these options and 3% of women entered “other reasons”
  • When asked how women achieve orgasm, they answered: 39% of women by masturbating with a hand or a sex toy, 20% of women by vaginal penetration and clitoral stimulation, 15% of women by penetration without stimulation, 12% of women by oral sex, 9% of women by their partner’s hand, 2 % of women with a sex toy in the hands of their partner and 3% of women stated “another way”
  • Age at first orgasm was given by women as follows: 9.5% of women were less than 11 years old, 14% 11-13 years old, 19% 14-16 years old, 27% 17-19 years old, 18% 20-24 years old, 4% of women 25-29 years old, 1% 30-34 years old, 0.5% 35-40 years old and 7% of women did not remember

By stimulating the clitoris for more intense sexual pleasure…

In another study (2017), they examined the orgasms of American women aged 18-94. The results showed that for 18.4% of the women interviewed, penetration of the vagina with the penis alone was enough to achieve orgasm, for 36.6% of women penetration alone was not enough, stimulation of the clitoris was also necessary, and 36% of women said that stimulation was not necessary during penetration, but sexual pleasure, excitement and orgasm itself were better and more intense with her.

One of the authors of Psychology Today, psychologist, sex therapist and professor at the University of Florida, Laurie Mintz, conducted a similar survey among her students. 43% of them confirmed that they achieve orgasm during sexual intercourse by stimulating the clitoris, 34% achieve it only by stimulating the clitoris, 19% achieve orgasm rarely, if at all, and only 4% of female students need sexual intercourse, i.e. penile penetration, to achieve it. This is quite an important result.

… but what is the clitoris?

The problem is that few people are interested in what a woman’s vagina actually looks like, what it is made of, which parts make up the clitoris, where are the nerve endings, the stimulation of which can increase a woman’s excitement. Then we should not be surprised that according to the WHO, 8-21% of women experience pain during penile penetration.

The clitoris is not just a protrusion visible to the eye, but an organ extending deep into the vagina. It consists of 18 parts – a mix of muscles, nerves and erectile tissues, all of which work together during arousal. Its length is 7-12 cm and during excitement it swells and increases up to 50-300%. Many doctors believe that the G-spot is only part of it.

The clitoris contains an average of 8,000 nerve endings (twice the number of nerve endings in the penis). Other nerve endings sensitive to touch also include other external parts of the female genitalia, i.e. the vulva – the inner lips and the entrance to the vagina.

And the first third of the vaginal canal also contains them, which does not mean that the other two thirds are not sensitive endings, they just react more to pressure, which explains why many women like the feeling of a penis or a sex toy in the vagina.

4 techniques to achieve orgasm

Plos One magazine published the latest research this year, which took a rather (until then) unconventional look at achieving orgasm (during penetration): first it interviewed 4,270 women aged 18-plus from around the world to pinpoint the four most important techniques, then it focused on American women (3017 women aged 18-93, online research) to verify practices:

  • About 70% of women stimulate the clitoris with a finger or a sex toy during the penetration of the vagina with the penis (or sex toy).
  • About 76% of women move their penis or sex toy in such a way that it rubs (stimulates) against the clitoris, constantly during the entire penetration, while the penis remains inside the vagina, so there is no penetration – by moving in and out
  • About 84% of women concentrate on penetration only at the point of entry into the vagina (so-called shallow penetration) – with a finger, tip of the penis, tongue, lips, sex toy (excitement, subsequent penetration into the vagina, or orgasm, women described as more pleasurable and satisfying )
  • About 88% of women “rotate”, turn, raise or lower their hips/pelvis during penetration to influence/accommodate the friction of the penis, sex toy. It was about the position and angle of a woman’s hips as a way to achieve greater sexual excitement and orgasm

The results show that the clitoris is key. Three of the four techniques involve stimulation of the clitoris, and during penetration, women intensify their sexual excitement by applying pressure to the inner clitoris. These findings are all the more important because they disprove the “myth” created by pornographic images, according to which women can achieve intense orgasms only by penile penetration or toys.

They are also important for the support of women who are unhappy with the inability to reach orgasm just from penetration. Orgasm can be achieved in different, different ways than is widely advertised and portrayed. Therefore, it is better to focus on getting to know your own body, communicating your sexual needs and walking proudly and confidently towards their fulfillment.

From the men’s point of view: Do you want to please him? Every guy craves these positions when making love

If sex was a tool for reproduction, it wouldn’t matter in what position it took place. Today, however, it is a source of divine joy, a loving fusion of two lovers, a play of bodies and an instrument of pleasure. And choosing the right position determines how satisfied the guy will be with him.

Lotus flower

Like the Buddha, the common man also achieves near-enlightenment in this position. The basis is that he sits on a chair or bed, you hug him with your thighs and sit on his erect limb. It is a more physically demanding position for a woman, but the other half will enjoy it all the more.

He can play with your breasts, kiss you on the face, hug you like his greatest treasure, and at the same time you will not stop fucking with everything. However, in this position it is a little difficult to operate interrupted intercourse. Rarely is the unraveling fast enough and therefore it is nice to combine it with a condom or a reliable form of contraception.

Woman up

The difference between men and women is manifested both in life and in bed. However, there is one position that creates prerequisites for mutual symbiosis. The riding position is top for both women and men.

But only if the partner really controls it. The gentlemen want to see her in action. How they are crazy about their sex, happy, their love itself, and they just calmly wash with pleasure and enjoy the pleasant feelings and the passionate erotic theater.


If men didn’t like her, her first place in the most used list would be in jeopardy. It is not a simple position to find love among men. Simple things can go wrong the fastest.

A guy will appreciate the most if you are full of activity with the missionary, you touch his ass, stimulate his rhythm, you can even show him your breasts. In principle, it does not matter how you understand the position, but it is true that activity equals attraction, passivity equals disinterest.


Exceptionally intense game of two bodies. The partner lies on his back, but his shoulders and head are slightly hanging away from the bed. Practically the whole activity is up to you, but the head pointing down allows you to glide over the body as perfectly as during a nude nuru massage. It is equally beautiful for both of you if you exchange afterwards.


A bit of a hunting position, in which the partner simply steps up to the partner from behind, leans her against the kitchen counter or the wall in the living room, and starts focusing on her strengths from behind. Men love this position for an animal version of the quickie. At work, at home or on a trip. Therefore, they will be very pleasantly surprised if their partner does not put on their panties here and there.

From behind

Why do they adore her so much? Similar to standing, they are excited by the possibility of conquering their lover. However, the possibility of a more comfortable position and better activity on the part of the woman also comes into play here. At the same time, it is a bit more relaxed and slower than standing, but it still has the adrenaline of wildness, although with a flavor of greater intimacy.

Men revealed which women were the most unfaithful to them: You can have great sex with them, but even that is not a guarantee

Not only men are unfaithful, women can also be beautiful bastards sometimes. You can have great sex with them, but even that is not a guarantee that you will be the only one by their side.

Good sex is immediately reflected in a man’s mood, and most of them do not hide the fact that they need it for life. They are also disappointed from time to time, and the woman they looked up to can go behind their back. Not even great sex is a guarantee that it doesn’t happen.

You can have great sex with them, but even that is not a guarantee

While many times the first sign that something is up is when a woman stops sleeping with you, this may not always be the case. Even women, with whom men had perfect sexual pleasures, led them by the nose and over time found out that they were taking turns in bed with someone else. Here are their experiences.

Men revealed which women were the most unfaithful to them

“I had a great career but no relationship. When I found my partner, I wanted to treat her to everything I could afford to buy her. I noticed that we always had really mega good sex then. That’s why I was happy to give her a present. But over time, it wasn’t enough for her and she started hooking me, the originally ordinary woman, with an even richer guy,” adds Roman (40) with a smile today.

“I didn’t know that I had a boyfriend by my side who was talking to my friends behind my back. Over time, I realized that she was always a flighty type who needed to socialize and visit all her friends in the evening, hug and kiss them,” confided Peter (35), who thanks to this understood what type of woman he did not want to have by his side .

“The more I earned, the more my girlfriend began to turn into an artifice. As if she was afraid that she was in danger from the other women. However, I had no idea that he would go even further and flirt with each of my friends. Finally, one of my best friends succumbed to her and I have since deleted both of them from my life,” added Mario (44) at the end.

3 tips you must master to make your sex much more exciting: This is how you and your significant other will enjoy

If you want to spice up your sex life, a few small changes are enough, but they can really do a lot. See what to bet on in the field of intimacy.

Learn to talk openly and regularly about sex with your partner

Talking about sex in a new relationship can be difficult to start because you may feel embarrassed. However, if sex does not satisfy you, communication with your partner will help you. An honest heart-to-heart will encourage both of you to open up and share your feelings.

In order for this conversation to be effective and not a source of arguments, you should not moralize your partner or blame him for anything. Gently explain what you want, not what your partner is doing wrong. Believe that it is the first and fundamental point that will take your sex life to a higher level.

But choose the right time for this conversation. It can be at breakfast, in the bathroom or in bed. It is important that you both take your time and be in a good mood.

Try dirty talk

The sexiest organ in our body is the brain, because sexual desire arises in it. That’s why dirty talk, or talking about sex in an obscene way, is so exciting. All you have to do is treat yourself to it occasionally, which will spice up sex in a different way.

Indulge in aphrodisiac foods

Food and sex are two basic human needs. It’s no surprise that people like to combine the two for greater pleasure.

An aphrodisiac is any product that stimulates and increases libido. Chocolate, oysters, avocado, red pepper, ginseng, honey, strawberries and nuts are considered the best aphrodisiac foods.

You can have the most perfect sex: One thing a man will never tell you, he will only confide in his lover

Although men know how to appreciate quality sex with pleasure, they still hide something as a taboo. Even after the most perfect sex, they won’t tell one thing, only the lovers will always find out.

Whether we like it or not, lovers are for a man sometimes like a confessional for believers. What men say to a lover, they don’t even say to their best friend. This is also why many guides to perfect sex are based on the statements of lovers.

You can have the most perfect sex

You may think you have the most perfect sex with your man, which can be true and often is, but men keep some secrets to themselves. And for a lover.

One thing a man will never tell you, he will always only confide in his lover

Their sexual fantasies very often go further than women think, and they never dare to tell or hint at it. One reason is that they would be ashamed of it in front of their wife, and another reason is that they prefer to keep their wild fantasy for a woman with whom they have no emotional connection.

“My secret dream is for a woman to be a dominatrix in bed. It is clear to me that I cannot want this from my wife, with whom I have a son. That’s also why this idea is more appealing with an unknown woman, whom I would never see again in my life and would not threaten my marriage,” revealed Filip (35).

“What I would like to try with my girlfriend sometime is anal sex. I know her opinion, so I never even told her about it. However, I often have ideas about what it feels like,” Michal (29) revealed his taboo.

“For me, it’s clearly lesbian sex. This is what I would like to experience in my life and preferably if it were my girlfriend, which I probably won’t get to see at the moment. I can’t imagine talking her out of it,” Jakub (38) added with a smile at the end.

These women are considered goddesses by men: Who has a magical aura for them and they can’t resist it?

Which women do guys find the absolute most attractive? And what adds to their attractiveness in their eyes? They revealed it themselves.

Grace, tenderness and fragility with a dose of mystery win

Some women seem to have a strange aura about them. When they appear in the presence of men, they are immediately attracted to them. They know exactly what to say, how to react in situations. Even their gestures seem attractive. What do men perceive really intensely in this regard?

Beauty is an important factor, but it is not as important as you might think. I adore women who are gentle, gentle at first glance. And they exude natural grace and fragility. This is something I simply cannot resist. Yes, big lips, a nice ass and a figure are great, but they are not what I notice in a woman if I am serious about her. It is that charm that plays a big role. (John 28)

For me, the embodiment of the goddess is a woman who is a woman. I feel that nowadays women are extremely self-confident, independent and more masculine than they should be. The delicacy is lost from them and that’s a shame. That’s what gets us men, and I have a feeling I’m not the only one who thinks so. My friends feel that way too. (Self, 31)

For me it is mystery and tenderness. Those are the two attributes that women who immediately attract me have. It simply radiates from them. Really, even if you don’t realize it, you just have this all around you and yes, it affects us guys more than you probably think. (Matthew, 33)

I postponed sex with a new discovery for several weeks: But for this reason, I would never do it again today

How long are you willing to have sex with your new discovery? Assuming the first date went well and you know there will be more?

No sex

A really tough challenge for me. I have never been one of those women who put off sex until the last moment. If I liked a guy, I had no problem sleeping with him immediately after meeting him. I didn’t consider myself, popularly speaking, easy, but I think it’s natural that if two people are physically attracted, their impulses won’t be controlled… At the same time, my way of life was also reflected in my relationships. I considered myself a non-relationship type. The longest romance lasted a little over half a year. I never thought about it until Peter came along. A guy who, of course, charmed me the first time I met him. When I went to tell a friend about him the next day, she pointed out something that I might not have been aware of until now. Supposedly so that I wouldn’t screw it up again right at the beginning… I didn’t know what he meant. So she explained to me that even though I don’t realize it myself, it is said that behind my large number of failed romances are precisely my imprudent actions, the desire to jump into bed with a man right at the beginning, which I say I can tire of them… Ok, I told myself well. So now I’ll do it the other way around. I will be waiting. And I will wait exactly ninety days before I have sex with Peter or anyone else.

The endless wait

Well, it wasn’t easy for me at all. After a month, I wanted to jump on him at every meeting. But I thought that maybe this waiting will pay off much more. They really liked Peter. We got along, we were attracted, we had the same interests, and I even found myself imagining that he might be “the one” a few times. When I refused to have sex with him even after two months, he didn’t like it, and he asked me why? I didn’t know what to say to him. All I got out was “I want to make sure I won’t regret it” or “if we’re on the right track” bullshit. Believe me, I would never really say such stupid things before. To my surprise, he took it very well. He said he understands, respects that and won’t pressure me.

Who will wait for…

They say he will wait. And I waited too. Three months passed and I was finally determined and especially ready to jump on Peter as soon as I see him between the doors. I imagined this evening so many times… But I didn’t count on one little thing. That it will be an absolute fiasco. I’m not exaggerating. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that it would be the worst sex of my life. All the talk that when you get to know your partner more deeply, sex will be more intimate, I laughed at that moment. Bullshit. Sex is just as important as other aspects of a relationship and should not be put off for long. If I had slept with Peter three weeks after we met, I would have saved both of them two months. Of course, I gave it a chance, it didn’t end with the first sex. But only by the fifth. So I understood that we have hours to talk for nothing, we have the same plans for the future. If it doesn’t click in bed, it doesn’t click. And in life I follow exactly what my mother told me when I was eighteen: “Never marry someone with whom you don’t have great sex…” . And mothers must be obeyed.

Erotic stories: I broke my New Year’s resolution regarding sex on the first day: Was this man to blame?

Laura thought that fulfilling this New Year’s resolution would be a piece of cake for her. However, she did not count on the fact that she will meet someone who will not be so easy to stay with…

New Year’s Eve party full of surprises

There is really more than enough going on at such a New Year’s Eve party. Our reader Laura (30) also knows her own story. “Year after year I repeat to myself that this time it will just be about having fun with my friends in the middle of a great party and an equally friendly kiss at midnight on New Year’s Eve. Well, year after year, wonder the world, I wake up in the morning in my bed, but not alone. Don’t get me wrong… I’m single and I don’t deal. When I feel like it and have a suitable male object that would be worth the sin, I just do it. And both were present at my last three New Year’s Eve parties. So it just worked out. But this year, with the arrival of my thirties, I kind of re-evaluated my behavior and told myself that this year’s New Year’s celebration will turn out differently. I made a New Year’s resolution to wake up this New Year’s morning without a random acquaintance in my bed.’

It was supposed to be a piece of cake until he showed up…

Laura thought it was nothing. Besides, there was no one she really fancied at this year’s New Year’s Eve party. Although it is said that with alcohol, the taste somehow appears and strengthens itself, even if it is a not very sexy male object. “Fulfilling this New Year’s resolution seemed more than easy from the beginning. Until the man appeared at the door, for whom I had gone to the capital years ago and changed my entire life, only to be replaced by a sexier model. That man was the reason why I haven’t started a normal functioning relationship since then and decided to just have fun with men. When I saw Filip standing in the doorway alone and so sinfully sexy, all that anger, reinforced by alcohol, surfaced again. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen him or wanted to hear anything about him, and he shamelessly marches right in front of me with his sexy innocent Hollywood smile and sex tape to spare.”

New Year’s morning in an old-new dress

However, the more the man of her dreams followed Laura, the more nervous she drank. When the moment came when the seconds to the new year began to count down to zero and everyone turned to someone to wish each other, suddenly Filip grabbed her head, pressed her body against his and just kissed her: “I I don’t understand what it was, but suddenly all that anger, combined with alcohol, nervousness and the festive moment, turned into a repressed sexual desire. That was the only thing I could think about the whole taxi ride to his bed. Even though I knew I was making a mistake and even that I was breaking my New Year’s resolution, I had the best sex like the good old days and enjoyed every single moment of the rest of the night. It had only one flaw… To recover, quickly sober up and realize that on another New Year’s morning I’m waking up (this time in a stranger’s bed) with a man, not alone as I had planned. At least I didn’t deal with a casual acquaintance, this is how I fell into it again. All bad…,” she evaluated.