You can have the most perfect sex: One thing a man will never tell you, he will only confide in his lover

Although men know how to appreciate quality sex with pleasure, they still hide something as a taboo. Even after the most perfect sex, they won’t tell one thing, only the lovers will always find out.

Whether we like it or not, lovers are for a man sometimes like a confessional for believers. What men say to a lover, they don’t even say to their best friend. This is also why many guides to perfect sex are based on the statements of lovers.

You can have the most perfect sex

You may think you have the most perfect sex with your man, which can be true and often is, but men keep some secrets to themselves. And for a lover.

One thing a man will never tell you, he will always only confide in his lover

Their sexual fantasies very often go further than women think, and they never dare to tell or hint at it. One reason is that they would be ashamed of it in front of their wife, and another reason is that they prefer to keep their wild fantasy for a woman with whom they have no emotional connection.

“My secret dream is for a woman to be a dominatrix in bed. It is clear to me that I cannot want this from my wife, with whom I have a son. That’s also why this idea is more appealing with an unknown woman, whom I would never see again in my life and would not threaten my marriage,” revealed Filip (35).

“What I would like to try with my girlfriend sometime is anal sex. I know her opinion, so I never even told her about it. However, I often have ideas about what it feels like,” Michal (29) revealed his taboo.

“For me, it’s clearly lesbian sex. This is what I would like to experience in my life and preferably if it were my girlfriend, which I probably won’t get to see at the moment. I can’t imagine talking her out of it,” Jakub (38) added with a smile at the end.

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