Erotic short stories: I gave a man an intimate Christmas present: It’s a shame that it ended up in the wrong hands

This year’s Christmas Eve was not exactly something that our reader Radka (28) will remember fondly. Thanks to an unconventional gift for her husband, she caused herself a shame she didn’t expect…

A special Christmas gift for an anniversary

“I thought for a long time about a suitable gift for my husband Richard (30). During the 10 long years that we have been together, I have given him many such necessary, traditional Christmas gifts. This year, on the tenth anniversary of our relationship, which began exactly on Christmas, on Christmas Eve, I wanted a literal bomb for him. Something that he definitely wouldn’t expect and that would get him. So I decided to give him something to spice up our love life. Richard is a real expert in sex and we tried a lot of things, but we weren’t so good at erotic aids. Of course, except for the vibrator, which we liked to use. I bought my husband a whole set of sex toys for him and her. There was literally everything there, and believe me, it also cost a lot of money – However, I was looking forward to how she would look when she opened the gift. We will just add that it was definitely not a bad idea, but more than welcome. After all, many people would dream about this, don’t you think?

“But a mistake crept in”

However, since Radka and Richard still lived under the same roof with his parents, they traditionally had dinner together. He and his mother-in-law also wrapped Christmas presents together every year. Of course, Radka packed her special one for her son in advance so that she wouldn’t see it and her mother-in-law would never even pick up what she bought. However, due to some oversight, two gifts of the same shape and size wrapped in the same Christmas paper were left on the table. “I remember just jumping back and when I went back to my mother-in-law and the presents, without thinking for a second I grabbed the present I assumed was for Richard and hid it in my closet. Who could have guessed at that moment that the mother-in-law’s gift for her husband would be wrapped almost unrecognizably,” our reader Radka is still scratching her head.

Shame for a hundred years, but fun for the husband

Of course, Radka planned to give this gift to Richard alone in her room after the official unwrapping of the gifts. However, she also had one ready for him that his parents could see. After the festive dinner and the arrival of the rest of Richard’s family, his sister, with her husband and two children, they got down to business. “Everything was completely traditional and normal, until the moment when the mother-in-law gave a gift to her husband and he unwrapped a set of erotic aids intended for his son. If you could see the red and uncomprehending faces around me, plus the in-laws, who had probably never seen any of this in their life and never used it at all… I had no choice but to grab a box with erotic aids of all kinds, admit the color, apologize, that there was a mistake, to bring the real mother-in-law’s gift, and to spend the rest of the evening in embarrassment, until I collapse from shame for a hundred years, alone in my bedroom. Surprisingly, my husband found it more than funny. He even wanted to try one of those toys that evening,” adds a still embarrassed Radka. Her lesson at the end of the story: “Definitely don’t put intimate gifts under the Christmas tree when you live with your husband’s family. Leave them alone for a while, whether it’s Christmas or not.’

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