He wanted to leave me for someone else, I allowed him and didn’t fight for him at all: But for this reason I had to do it

Klaudia had been with Rob for 3 years when he surprised her by admitting that he didn’t know where they were going and that he was starting to feel something for another woman. It was a shock for her, she did not expect it, but she reacted paradoxically very calmly. She was proud and let him go without a fight. It seemed right to her then, after a while she found out that she shouldn’t have given up so easily.

I have always been restrained in expressing my feelings

Klaudia was a woman who had her pride. She didn’t have to prove that people belonged to her. She wasn’t jealous and she didn’t show her feelings to okato. If someone wanted to be with her, she didn’t need to constantly prove to him that she was the right one for him: “It was the same with Rob. He simply entered my life, we were attracted to each other. In the beginning it was love with everything that belongs to it, that period of falling in love and flattery on his part, I took it as a part of it. However, I was different in expressing my feelings, moderate, if you can call it that. But I never had the feeling from his side that I was mad at him,” describes Klaudia at the beginning, who was taken aback by his unexpected confession after three years of relationship.

That’s just how I felt at that moment

One evening, Robo surprised her by admitting that he doesn’t even know how she feels about him. It is said that it does not show in any way and their relationship has reached the point where he does not know if they should be together. Finally, he also admitted that a woman suddenly appeared in his life, who claims to be in love with him, and he is also starting to feel something for her: “Inside, I was surprised, maybe even in shock. But it didn’t last long. I collected my pride and answered him that if this is all he wants to tell me and what he wants to confess, then fine. He said, he can take things from my apartment and go to see her. That’s just how I felt at that moment,” says Klaudia, who decided to leave the past three years behind and start a new life stage, temporarily without a man by her side.

Don’t mince your words if you love, drop your pride if you must

Well, it didn’t take long when certain things were going on in her head. In her memories, she was going back to the time when they were in love with each other. Then also to the stage of their relationship, when it became a bit mundane, but love, peace, understanding and mutual respect still resided in it. Today, she knew about Rob that he and the woman in question were engaged and would get married soon: “At one point I realized that he was a great man and maybe he just needed reassurance from me that I still loved him and that I knew where we are heading together. I had to admit to myself that I gave up on him too quickly. That I let the other one go too easily, that I simply gave up without a fight because of pride, because of my natural nature. I shouldn’t have done that. I had to fight for him, for our relationship. Why? Because I really loved him,” admits Klaudia at the end of her story, who advises other women through her story: “Don’t mince your words, if you love, throw away your pride if you have to, if you know it will save the relationship you really care about .”

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