Online profile: We have 8 tips for you on how to create one

Everyone is on the internet and everyone has an online profile somewhere. However, if you want to find love, your dating profile is your most powerful weapon. We decided to get some guaranteed tips for you directly from the most professional – from the users themselves.

Helping singles find happiness is our daily job. We therefore know how a well-filled online profile will increase your chances. But who is the real expert on what singles are interested in, what profiles and photos don’t get many reactions, and what happens if someone is lying? But you – the users of the Partner level. So we organized a survey to which you answered. And here is the most important thing:

Online profile is your strongest weapon

68% of our survey respondents update their profile information only in cases where something significant changes in their lives. 21% even admitted that they never update their profile.

So the first rule is – take care of your profile on the first try. Online profile is your strongest weapon in the world of online dating, so don’t underestimate it!

Less (information) is not always more

Do you believe that silence is golden? In some situations we definitely agree with you! However, if your online profile does not contain enough information, you will significantly worsen your chances of getting to know each other. According to 28% of our users, profiles that are too brief are what have no chance of reaching them.

So, if you are serious about your intention to meet through an online dating agency, provide enough interesting information about yourself. Just stick to a few basic rules and avoid mistakes.

Activities, hobbies and interests

Do you love hiking, crochet, are you passionate gardeners, cat breeders, travelers to castles and chateaux, or do you cultivate a top couch sport with a specialization in knowledge competitions? Write it all in the profile! According to our users, the list of favorite activities is in the top three most interesting data (along with photo and age data).

After all, everyone wants to meet someone with whom we are compatible and to spend time together to the fullest. So give people a chance to imagine what your time spent together could look like. You may be pleasantly surprised by how many people you will suddenly have a lot in common with.

Be positive

According to 23% of men from our survey, negativism is the second biggest problem with women’s online profiles, after lack of information. So if you need to complain about failed past relationships, family problems or an annoying job, your friends and maybe a glass of red are ideal for this purpose – definitely not your online dating profile.

Here, after all, you want to appear welcoming, optimistic, as someone open to new experiences, experiences and love. We do not tell you, but it goes without saying that you should transform yourself at all costs. If you can’t bring yourself to have a relaxed attitude, maybe it’s just not the right time to start looking for a new relationship.

Are you really that sexy?

We direct this tip primarily to the male part of those interested in getting to know each other. If you are interested in how to really impress women, let’s put it this way: you won’t attract many partners by strumming a sexy string. If you present yourself as an ideal man and your online profile is brimming with sexual energy, up to 31% of women surveyed will close it without any interest in getting to know you better.

Just for the sake of interest, men definitely don’t mind women’s profiles, and only 6% of the survey participants would not approach the owner of such a profile. But for men, in the world of serious online dating, it’s not sex that sells, but personality.

Start the spell checker

Would your former Slovak teacher faint if she saw your dating profile? We recommend that you fire up one of the programs for checking grammar and spelling. Right after the lack of information and profile eruptions of sexual energy, the biggest profile faux pas is unmistakably bad grammar.

Improving your information? You are making a mistake

Are there lies in your profile, or does it tell the absolute truth about you and do you bet your scout honor on it? 31% of the participants in our survey have already experienced a meeting where the reality surprised them. I guess we don’t need to talk about the fact that the second date did not take place in the vast majority of cases.

Photos, photos, photos

A photo is the first thing online dating users look for in a profile. Up to 26% of men and 25% of women would not click on a profile without a photo. Therefore, if you do not have a photo uploaded in your online profile, you are missing out on a full 1/4 of potential suitors. And what if there is someone worth it among them?

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