This is why you are afraid of love based on your sign

Are you egotistical, insecure or do you have a comfort zone? This is your love horoscope, which you are so afraid of based on your sign.


You are sometimes egotistical, selfish and you mainly want your own needs, and you feel that you have neither time nor energy to give attention and love to someone else. One of your fears is that when it comes to love, it can rob you of the freedom you love so much. You are afraid of losing your routine and comfort zone.

Love can scare you because it might show your true self, which you really don’t want. You want to have a safe, but at the same time simple relationship without problems, in which you will not give much. You fear love too much, which complicates your life.


You are stubborn and you go your own way. Your comfort is the worst thing that prevents you from having a normal and fulfilling relationship. You don’t like to invest in it more than it is beyond your comfort zone. You’d rather spend your time building walls than fighting for love, and you’re very skeptical about it. You don’t believe much in true love and prefer to focus on your friends and family, who you put your energy into.

If you let someone close to you, it has to be someone special and you don’t want to spend time with someone you won’t be with anyway.


You are afraid of love because of the fear of being too limited and you are a very unpredictable person. You can’t stay anywhere long enough and you say you still have time for love. That’s why even if someone were to come into your life, you say that he’s not the right one and you’d rather write him off sooner so you can plan something with him.

What you fear most is the silence that love brings. You thrive on experience and change, and fear that the stability a relationship would bring would only mean boredom.


You are the most loving sign in the zodiac. You care about others and are not afraid to show your sensitivity. And that’s exactly why you’re afraid of love, because you feel that it will be rejected or that it won’t be reciprocated enough from the other side. You choose your partner very strictly, but you fall in love really quickly.

You are not satisfied with average love and consider it as the most important aspect of your life, so you can be disappointed if someone gives priority to career instead of love.


You admire everything that has to do with love. You love to talk about love and can fall in love very quickly. You are the most devoted sign of the zodiac, capable of sacrificing everything. However, you fear insecurity and the fact that your partner does not pay you as much attention as you would like.

You also don’t like the feeling that someone has power over you, so you are very careful about who you fall in love with. However, if you allow someone to be in your life, he is a truly happy person.


You have your protective walls that no one can climb. You are a big introvert and you don’t let anyone into your life. Your pursuit of perfectionism and fulfilling your own standards prevents you from realizing that you are worthy of love. You need someone you can trust, but on the other hand, you are afraid of losing everything for love.

You are afraid of advice and if you get burned in love, you withdraw and it is difficult for anyone to reach you. You know who you are, and that’s why it’s sometimes difficult for someone to meet all your requirements regarding a relationship.


You want to have a deep and meaningful relationship, but sometimes you don’t know how to go about it. Like Virgo, you are also aware of your mistakes and know everything about yourself, so few people will surprise you. You are very perceptive and expect the same from your partner. You are a very calm person and you are afraid when there are problems in the relationship that you cannot solve.

You are so afraid of loneliness that sometimes you don’t know if you love someone just so you won’t be alone, and that’s why you think about it more than is appropriate.


You have an innate fear of loss and betrayal, which is why you are very careful about love. You are naturally distrustful. You are very intense and proactive, and everything in your life must have meaning, and of course that also applies to love. You are calm and soulful, and others perceive you as a cold, emotionless person, which is not true.

You seem cold, but if you fall in love, you can give yourself away and expect the same from the other person.


You are energetic and you must experience love throughout your life. You live off it. You breathe from her. But what you want more than love is intense experience and adventure. For you, a boring life means that you are not living at all. You are afraid of love because you are afraid of boring or boring someone else. You want to experience excitement and excitement on a daily basis and you are afraid that you would settle for this routine that comes with love.

You are an idealist and when it comes to love, you fear that you will get into a routine with the wrong person that will be difficult to get out of.


You have tremendous self-control, you are responsible, focused and disciplined. You are afraid of love because it seems unpredictable and you don’t like to suffer very much. You have to have a plan and that’s why love sometimes causes you more problems. You are very cautious and hate to lose control of your life. You hate failure in life or in love, and even if you are a realist, you can put on rose-colored glasses and let yourself be obsessed with love.

For you, love is an investment, where you devote your efforts, time, and therefore you need to constantly get it back.


You push love away because you are too impatient to play emotional games. You want to know what’s going on between you and him right now. You hate the uncomfortable insecurity you feel. But love requires time, which you do not like to sacrifice for someone with whom you are not sure.

You always feel very insecure and anxious about going on a date with someone. You are not sure of yourself and sometimes you don’t know what to expect from yourself, so sometimes you don’t even want to hurt the other person.


You push love away because you have incredibly unrealistic expectations. You define love as butterflies in your stomach and bliss. However, you are afraid that you will never find an ideal partner who will understand you and appreciate your individuality. You don’t want to be in a relationship where you’re not yourself. You don’t want a classic relationship, but a full-fledged and romantic one that will last a lifetime.

Nechceš mať lásku ako všetci ostatní a nechápeš, ako je niekto vo vzťahu len so samoty. Si veľmi individuálna osobnosť, ktorá to isté očakáva aj od toho druhého.

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