I had the best sex of my life with a man I (didn’t) want to: This revelation says it all

I never quite understood women who couldn’t control themselves because of some guy, they primitively succumbed to their impulses and didn’t care if the man was engaged or not.

Like son, like father

Until something similar happened to me. But the case where it was “just someone else’s partner” would be a bit simpler. However, I fell in love not only with the husband, but also with my friend’s father. So, you can imagine the struggle when you have to meet someone who is extremely, almost fanatically, attracted to you, but on the other hand, you know that you can’t have anything with that person… That is, until you find out that his sympathies are the same as yours.

Michal, my new friend was amazing. We met at a company party. At first we took everything for granted, we didn’t care about our status, we enjoyed each other. After dating for six months, we somehow decided to move things on. We started living together, getting to know each other’s friends and, of course, our parents. And the first day when I met his people was fateful for me. At first glance, his father was not only very handsome, but also a gentleman, incredibly funny and wise. He was simply a slightly better version of Michal. Already at the first meeting, I felt how he was looking at me. But in a different way than fathers usually look at their sons’ new girlfriends. And I looked at him the same way. Every time our eyes met, I felt like I was blushing like a teenager. I’ve never felt anything like that with any man right from the start.

The game has begun

The first weeks after meeting Michal’s father were very difficult for me. We met every weekend for lunch together, and I could feel the sympathy between me and his father only growing. After a month, we even managed to switch to inconspicuous fleeting touches, which turned me on incredibly. Until each time I was more and more afraid that it was about me. However, his father and I have never said anything privately, nor have we called or written to each other. It was basically our game, but it could have ended in a complete disaster.

I couldn’t resist

I will never forget the day we had our first sex. It was unexpected, and it was at a family celebration. Michal’s sister celebrated her birthday and the whole family gathered in his parents’ big house. I was looking forward to the celebration mainly because of his father, so I threw myself into it accordingly. From the beginning, it went exactly as I expected. Seductive glances, fleeting and especially inconspicuous touches… But I never dreamed that it would all begin on this very day. Michal’s father caught me at the opposite end of their house, where he was literally waiting for me. He took me to the guest bathroom and started kissing me passionately. I didn’t resist in any way, on the contrary, I let him know that this is exactly what I want. The fact that we could be caught at any moment made it even more exciting. But it wasn’t just about kisses. He passionately and violently threw up my clothes, ripped off my panties and penetrated me with such energy that I felt like I was going to explode at any moment. Those minutes of pleasure were the best of my life. After this quickie, we quietly returned to the party, but we still didn’t exchange a word in private.

The danger grew more and more

Monday after the celebration, I received an email in which he wrote to me. He wanted to meet again. I knew it was bad, wrong and reprehensible, but I didn’t care. I didn’t hesitate and immediately made another appointment with him. And then another, and another… We met secretly for more than six months. I didn’t think about what would happen, whether someone might discover us. I loved Michal, but sex with his father, as well as him, even more. Our meetings escalated and became more and more intense, and the possibility of being discovered also increased. That’s exactly what happened. When I least expected it. Resp. at all. One evening I brought my work home. I wasn’t feeling well, so I was working from my bed, when Michal joined me and I had to jump back for a second, he borrowed mine to count. I had just opened the mails and he was quite suspicious that I had so many from his father. They opened them and began to read. When I returned to the room, I knew what time it was. I wasn’t ready for it, I’m just still there like a pillar of salt and she actually convicted herself by that silence. That evening, Michal ran to see his father, who confessed to him. They agreed that if we ended it immediately, they wouldn’t tell his mother. That’s what happened. I broke up with Michal, she never saw his father again in her life. Not that I didn’t want to, but it was enough that I destroyed my relationship, I didn’t want his parents’ marriage either. It was time to do the right thing and start controlling yourself.

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