Erotic short stories: This perverted desire fell out of my conservative husband after seven years

I’ve loved my husband for years and it won’t be any other way. However, I didn’t care about his request…

Adam and I have an ideal marriage. Despite the fact that we have been living under the same roof for more than seven years, we understand each other perfectly.

As for sex life, my man preferred the classics. Therefore, any experiments simply did not belong in our bedroom. When I tried to suggest something, he always told me that he is not very good at such things. Personally, it didn’t bother me too much because he was always able to satisfy me enough that I ended up not needing any extreme positions.

On his birthday, he surprised me like this…

I received a vibrator from my friends a year ago, which I occasionally tested during my husband’s business trips. But he didn’t know about it, at least until that evening. I surprised him with dinner and he surprised me with my own vibrator, which he suddenly pulled out in bed. He said he happened to find it in my drawer, and I remembered that I had just put it in there last time. I thought he would have a problem with that, but I was wrong.

He suggested we do it differently that night years later. His idea excited me so much that I immediately agreed. But when he put a wet vibrator in my hands and told me to shove it in his ass, I felt sick. He claimed that he was only turned on by the fact that I had him inside me before. However, I didn’t find it sexy, but I let myself be talked into it. I didn’t recognize him, but when I saw that he was enjoying it, I bit my tongue. I knew I was doing it for the last time.

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