Erotic short stories: This spiced up our relationship with my husband: One night in an unconventional place was all it took!

I thought our marriage would end like hundreds of others. Then my husband came up with this suggestion…

We have been together for more than six years, we have one child, and responsibilities that prevent us from finding time to spend together. See you in the morning at breakfast, and then an hour or two before bed.

He heads a large department, I am the director of the institution. We are simply so busy that there has been no time for sex lately. I think we are not alone in this, and therefore we do not complain, we just accepted it as a fact that we will hardly change in the near future.

One morning everything changed…

I arrived at work, where an envelope with information about my work trip was waiting for me on my desk. It was supposed to be for the weekend, and it looked like a surprise from my staff. Apparently, I don’t have to take anything, it will just be a classic meeting with our client, after which I will have time for myself, sights, and rest. Even when I tried to find out who it was, they didn’t tell me anything. I’m sure I’ll be excited about the new collaboration. The husband had so many responsibilities that weekend that we gave the little one to the grandparents, and they both went their separate ways.

When I arrived at the hotel, the receptionist informed me that my client would be waiting for me in the evening at the hotel bar. It sounded strange, but I didn’t object. I got ready and sat at the bar at the agreed time and waited. When he didn’t come even after 15 minutes, I ordered a glass of wine. Suddenly someone hugged me from behind and kissed me. I immediately turned to explain to the person in question how things are when I saw my husband.

This is how it ended…

I couldn’t believe it, but when he explained to me that he made up the whole meeting so that we could spend at least one weekend together, I was at a loss for words. We got a little tipsy at the bar, and that night we shared it on the hotel roof in a giant hot tub. Later in the toilets, in the room, and they spent the whole weekend in bed together. Since then, our hotel romances have been repeated at least once a month.

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