Thanks to one interesting experience from last year’s vacation, I want to do something crazy this summer…

Sabina was never one of those women who would seek out sexual adventures. However, as they say, never say never until you experience it!

He left me alone in Mexico

The experiences of our reader Sabina (29) predestined her to become a wife, quickly give birth to children and lead a classic married life alongside one partner, her husband. However, she did not expect that fate decided to weave into her life someone who would really spice it up for her. On last year’s vacation with her still current boyfriend, Mário, she experienced something that she did not expect at all. “That vacation was supposed to be our dream come true, Mexico. I was very much looking forward to spending two beautiful, exotic weeks there, full of surprises, but especially together. Mario was already busy with work when we started dating a few years ago. But over time, he became a workaholic. He promised me this holiday. Imagine my surprise when he told me in the middle of it in that paradise that he had to leave because of unexpected complications in the company.” Although Sabina asked him not to leave, and even cried like a small child, it didn’t help, work came first again.

A replacement program she wouldn’t have expected

At one point, she wanted to pack up and go home on the nearest possible flight. But then something broke in her and she told herself that this was her dream after all and she wasn’t going to let her vacation be ruined. So instead of packing, she threw herself on seductively and decided to go to an evening hotel party. Although she only planned to drink away her disappointment with Mario, but in her best dress, which the devil didn’t want, she had no shortage of men that evening. But one impressed her more than the others, a typical female heartbreaker from a typical Mexican telenovela. “When I saw that man, I got an irresistible urge to find out what it would be like with him. I always thought of myself as one of those faithful women, one for life and things like that, but you never know until you get the chance. Lured by the alcohol, the atmosphere, I fell into it without much resistance. Well, it wasn’t just a one-off, but we spent every single day and night together until the end of my vacation. I don’t know why, but I felt that we were both somehow sorry, but we just quietly said goodbye, made love for the last time and I flew home to reality,” reveals Sabina.

Somehow it was impossible to forget

“If you expected that I had any remorse at home with Mario, then in vain. He pretended to be nothing, as if everything was forgotten, and nothing had happened. Somehow I didn’t feel sorry for it. I don’t know why, but we continued in that relationship despite everything. Although a lot of time has passed, I keep going back to that one week in my memories, which I didn’t even tell my best friend about,” she continues. As it happens in life, there is only one surprise. One such thing awaited her in the mail on the social network, which read: “I can’t forget you, I want to be with you again.” Go back to Mexico…” Along with that, there were other things that impressed Sabina so much that today, almost a year later, she is thinking of buying a ticket to Mexico indefinitely. “Whether I recapitulate my life from any angle, the idea of packing up and trying it appeals to me more and more. Even if it doesn’t work out, I can’t even live with Mario anymore in a relationship that doesn’t give me anything,” concludes Sabina, hoping that something better awaits her, whatever she decides.

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