These are the three things men want most in bed: When you fulfill them regularly, they have no reason to run off for another

Although it may seem that there is no manual on how to keep a guy, this is not entirely true. There are some things men can’t say no to, and as long as you indulge them regularly, you’ve won!


Prelude. The biggest misconception of the 21st century is that men don’t like foreplay. Sure, some men either don’t like foreplay or are bad at it. However, in general, guys want an erotic experience, touching and long sex. If they just want an orgasm, they know how to masturbate.

That’s why they need a woman by their side who can give them all this. In addition, they perceive good and high-quality sex as a relief from stress, and the female orgasm itself is the pinnacle of eroticism and excitement for a man.

Taking the initiative

Taking the initiative in sex is something every guy wants. If a woman makes it clear to him in bed that he is attractive, that she wants him, he is not over it. In short, a guy needs to feel wanted. It adds to his self-confidence, and at the same time, in this way, a woman can really keep him with her.

Stepping out of your comfort zone

Erotic games are something that gets every single guy. It is ideal if you set aside one day a week to fulfill any wishes he may have in bed.

In short, men adore women who are open to experimentation and new things in sex. Then they don’t tend to look elsewhere for anything.

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